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BSAVA Congress
Webinars and wellbeing awards to support good mental health

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A NEW series of ‘mindfulness’ webinars for veterinary practice teams will begin later this month thanks to a collaboration between the Mind Matters Initiative (MMI) and the Webinar Vet.

Announcing the webinar series at the BSAVA congress in Birmingham on April 9, Lizzie Lockett, project director for the MMI, explained that mindfulness aimed to help individuals learn to live in the present, rather than brooding on the past or worrying about the future. The technique was recognised as a tool to help people in becoming more resourceful and resilient and had grown out of the Buddhist traditions of meditation, although mindfulness itself was a secular practice. The evidence base for the positive benefits of mindfulness had been growing in recent years, she said. ‘The evidence suggests that even just 10 minutes [of mindfulness] each day can help reduce stress, can improve sleep patterns, can improve resourcefulness. There's evidence that longer term mindfulness can produce physiological changes in the brain.’ There was also evidence to suggest that, in some situations, online mindfulness training …

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