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Disaster management
Mitigating the impact of flash flooding

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DEFRA has announced that farmers affected by the floods in Cumbria and north Lancashire will be able to access support payments of up to £20,000 to help them restore damaged agricultural land.

The payments, which were announced by George Eustice, the farming minister, on December 9, are part of a £40 million community recovery scheme to help people in the flood-hit areas. Mr Eustice also said that the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) would not be carrying out inspections in the flooded areas and would make use of any flexibility in cross-compliance and animal movement rules for affected farmers.

‘We understand flooding can have serious consequences for farmers and we want to provide practical support to those affected by last weekend's unprecedented rainfall in Cumbria and north Lancashire,’ said Mr Eustice. ‘The new Farming Recovery Fund will help to cover farmers’ short-term uninsured recovery …

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