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Use of antibiotics in animals and people
  1. David Burch
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C. NUNAN and R. Young (VR, November 7, 2015, pp 468-469) responded extensively to my letter on the use of antibiotics in animals and people (VR, September 19, 2015, pp 292-293). My reference to the European Surveillance of Veterinary Antimicrobial Consumption (ESVAC) data was directly to the figures used in the editorial by J. W. Scannell and A. Bruce (VR, August 15, 2015, vol 177, pp 168-170), from ESVAC (2013). An updated report has since been published (ESVAC 2015) and the latest data from the year 2013 are as follows: the UK 62.1 mg/population correction unit (pcu)/year (compared with 51.2 mg/pcu/year in 2011), the Netherlands 69.9 mg/pcu/year (113.9 mg/pcu/year in 2011), Denmark 44.9 mg/pcu/year (42.6 mg/pcu/year in 2011), and Italy 301.61 mg/pcu/year (369.7 mg/pcu/year in 2011). There have been some substantial changes with both the Dutch and Italians reducing their use, and the UK and Danes increasing theirs, …

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