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Awareness of Animal Welfare Acts at ‘an all time low’

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THE number of pet owners who are familiar with the Animal Welfare Acts in the UK is ‘at an all time low’, says the PDSA in its fifth annual Animal Wellbeing (PAW) report. According to the charity, millions of pets are being taken on with little or no research into what they need to live happy and healthy lives, and this lack of knowledge can result in ‘stressed, lonely, obese and aggressive pets’.

Each year since 2011, the PDSA has commissioned a survey of pet owners, veterinary professionals, children and young people to gain an insight into the wellbeing of pets in the UK. For 2015, 31,584 pet owners aged over 18 were surveyed, together with almost 1700 veterinary professionals. The charity says that, this year, its report has been tailored towards veterinary professionals to allow it to present an in-depth analysis of how well the UK pet-owning public is meeting the welfare needs of pets. ‘We hope that by sharing these results, it will encourage further joint working between PDSA and the wider veterinary profession to continue raising awareness of the Animal Welfare Acts and the five welfare needs,’ it says. ‘Further collaboration will help us facilitate behavioural and cultural changes in pet ownership that …

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