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Vet futures
‘A profession in charge of its future’ – a vision for 2030

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‘IN 2030 vets should be a leading force for animal health and welfare and valued for their wider roles in society. They should be confident, resilient, healthy and well supported, and benefit from exceptional leadership. And there should be a broad range of diverse and rewarding veterinary careers, as well as thriving, innovative and user-focused businesses.’

These are the six ambitions for the veterinary profession to emerge from the year-long Vet Futures project, run jointly by the BVA and the RCVS. The ambitions, falling under the overarching ambition of ‘A profession in charge of its future’, together with 34 recommendations for change, are set out in a report launched on November 20 at the BVA Congress at the London Vet Show. The report represents the culmination of 12 months of engagement, consultation and research involving the veterinary profession, veterinary nurses, members of the wider veterinary team, key stakeholders, animal owners and the general public.

Sean Wensley, the BVA President, commented: ‘Vet Futures has proved to be an exciting, engaging and truly ambitious project for the veterinary profession and it has created a fantastic level of debate and engagement.’ The report, he said, was not the end of the story, rather it was the beginning of the next chapter. ‘It is crucial that we maintain the momentum of the project so we will be inviting members of the veterinary professions to step forward and join a new Vet Futures Action Group to help us turn the recommendations into actions and drive forward activity.’

Thanking all the individuals who had contributed to the project, Bradley Viner, the RCVS President, said: ‘Over the years the veterinary profession has proved itself to be adaptable and able to face challenges head on, and we have no doubt that by working together we will realise our …

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