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Treating middle ear effusion in Cavalier King Charles spaniels

V. Guerin, R. Hampel, G. Ter Haar

MIDDLE ear effusion is a disease that predominantly affects Cavalier King Charles spaniels. One treatment option is the placement of a tympanostomy tube (TT). This treatment is widely used in the human paediatric field, but there have been few studies looking at its efficacy in dogs. This retrospective study describes the outcome following video-otoscopy-guided TT placement in Cavalier King Charles spaniels with middle ear effusion.

Medical records of all Cavalier King Charles spaniels that were diagnosed with middle ear effusion at the Queen Mother Hospital for Small Animals in Hatfield, UK, and that were treated with at least one TT between 2012 and 2014, were reviewed. A total of 12 dogs, in which 22 TTs had been placed using a rigid endoscope and grasping forceps, were included in the study. Follow-up of the procedure was obtained through a telephone questionnaire involving owners of 11 of the dogs. The mean time from TT placement to the phone questionnaire was 18 months.

Nine of the 11 dogs had impaired hearing before TT placement, and three of these were reported to have normal hearing after the procedure. The remaining six still had hearing …

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