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Does vaccination for BVD interfere with surveillance programmes?

R. G. Sayers, G. P. Sayers, D. A. Graham, S. Arkins

BOVINE viral diarrhoea virus (BVDV) is endemic in many countries and vaccination is used in some control and eradication strategies. However, surveillance programmes to detect BVDV often include the use of bulk milk (BM) testing for antibodies against the BVDV p80 (NS3) subunit, and vaccination could interfere with the results. This study looked at whether BVDV vaccines interfered with these tests for specific antibodies in a nationally representative group of commercial dairy farms in the Republic of Ireland.

A total of 256 dairy farms were included in the study. BM samples were submitted on four occasions in 2009, and farms were visited from October to January to sample weanling heifers (unvaccinated homeborn youngstock). The samples were assessed for antibodies against the BVDV p80 subunit and the whole virus using Pourquier p80 ELISA. The vaccination status of the herds was determined by questionnaire and statistical analysis was used to examine differences among groups vaccinated with one of three inactivated BVDV vaccines that were commercially available at the time.

The authors report that two of the three vaccines showed …

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