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Lumb & Jones' Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia, 5th edn
Anaesthesia and pain management
  1. Sian Tranter

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Kurt A. Grimm, Leigh A. Lamont, William J. Tranquilli, Stephen A. Greene and Sheilah A. Robertson
1072 pages, hardback, £93.99.
Wiley-Blackwell. 2015.
ISBN 978 1 118 52623 1

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THE most recent edition of ‘Lumb and Jones’ is full of relevant and accessible information about anaesthesia and analgesia. Although it features over 80 contributing authors, there is an overriding clarity to the text, which makes it an ideal practice reference text, for answering specific questions, as well as being an effortless, informative read.

The book presents clinically relevant information very well. An evidence-based approach is used in the presentation of the content, which informs …

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