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Current Techniques in Small Animal Surgery, 5th edn
Small animal surgical techniques
  1. Padraig Egan

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M. Joseph Bojrab, Don Ray Waldron and James P. Toombs
1183 pages, hardback, £96.90.
Teton NewMedia. 2014.
ISBN 978 1 59161 035 9

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LADIES and gentlemen, introducing tonight's heavyweight bout. In the red corner, weighing in at 2128 pages, we have ‘Small Animal Veterinary Surgery’ by Tobias and Johnson. In the blue corner, our challenger, weighing in at 1183 pages, ‘Current Techniques in Small Animal Surgery’ by Bojrab and others. The battle for the heavyweight surgical reference text is on. Fossum's ‘Small Animal Surgery’ bounced back in 2012 with a picture-strewn update of the classic surgical text. However, Tobias, the recognised surgical text for both European and …

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