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Veterinary history
Professional notabilia
  1. Bruce Vivash Jones
  1. Vice-chairman, Veterinary History Society, Ermin Way House, 34 Dollar Street, Cirencester, Gloucestershire GL7 2AN, e-mail:

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THE recent mention in your columns of the funding received by RCVS Knowledge to support its work in conserving and archiving the historical collection held at Belgravia House was welcome (VR, June 27, 2015, vol 176, p 665).

There is, however, a need for the profession to ensure that we also preserve the many other physical artefacts that are still in existence, but often unrecognised. In fact the location of some of these is unknown and they have to be feared to be lost.

Fortunately there is some good news. Following a recent inquiry to RCVS Knowledge, the identity of an interesting wooden antique object was recognised …

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