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APHA awards contracts for TB testing in England

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THE APHA announced on February 16 that it had confirmed the award of contracts for the supply of TB testing and other Official Veterinarian (OV) services in England following its tendering exercise.

From May 1 this year, all new TB testing and other OV work in England will be allocated by five new Delivery Partners. The successful bidders in each of the regions are:

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The APHA announced the successful bidders in Wales in January, but delayed announcing the outcome in England after an unsuccessful bidder issued legal proceedings (VR, January 31, 2015, vol 176, p 109). This challenge was subsequently withdrawn (VR, February 14, 2015, vol 176, p 161).

The APHA states that each of the successful bidders in England is a distinct business entity consisting of a consortium of practices within the particular region and will allocate testing work through a network of eligible veterinary businesses. Farmers and livestock keepers will have to contact the Delivery Partner in their region to make arrangements for TB testing. They will be able to express a preference for a specific veterinary practice within the Delivery Partner's network and, the APHA says, ‘this preference will be honoured where possible’.

The contracts have been awarded for a three-year period, with the option to extend up to a further two years.

Simon Hall, veterinary director at the APHA, said: ‘This new partnership with the veterinary industry will modernise the way we deliver key services such …

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