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Robert Stordy in Abyssinia. An Extraordinary Veterinary Surgeon
Remarkable journey
  1. Peter K. Matthews

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Bruce Vivash Jones and Clare Boulton
200 pages, paperback, £10.50 plus postage.
Granville Penn Press. 2014.
ISBN 978 0 9566200 2 6

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PRESENTED as a facsimile, this autobiographical account recounts a remarkable journey made in 1911 by the Chief Veterinary Officer of British East Africa, as well as giving a short biography of the author. The narrative describes the four-month, 1500-mile overland journey made by Stordy and his companion, Lord Cranworth, from Nairobi in Kenya to Addis Ababa in what was then Abyssinia, and on to the coast at Djibouti in French Somaliland, at a time when travel in this part of Africa presented many unknowns to Europeans.

The purpose of the journey was …

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