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Comparison of two drugs for extended postoperative analgesia in dogs

K. S. Kalchofner Guerrero, A. Schwarz, R. Wuhrmann, S. Feldmann, S. Hartnack, R. Bettschart-Wolfensberger

CARPROFEN has been extensively studied for both pre- and postoperative pain control in dogs, while, until recently, metamizole was only approved as an injectable formulation for the veterinary market. This blinded, randomised study aimed to compare the analgesic efficacy and duration of a new slow-release formulation of metamizole with carprofen for dogs undergoing ovariohysterectomy.

Dogs were randomly assigned into two groups; one group received 50 mg/kg of metamizole, the other was given 4 mg/kg of carprofen, and the same medications were repeated 24 and 48 hours later. The dogs were later sedated using medetomidine and methadone, followed by anaesthesia induced with propofol. Assessment of postoperative sedation and analgesia was performed by one blinded observer, using a visual analogue scale, a dynamic interactive visual analogue scale, the Glasgow composite pain scales (GCPS) and a mechanical nociceptive threshold device. Plasma concentrations of the test drugs were also analysed.

Twenty dogs, 10 in each group, completed the study. Half an hour after the procedure, sedation scores were significantly higher in the carprofen group. Of the …

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