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Recognition for services to the RSPCA

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VETERINARY surgeon Carl Boyde, who has given 60 years of service to the RSPCA, was recognised by the charity recently, when he was presented with its Lord Erskine Silver award.

The award recognises individuals who have made important contributions to the field of animal welfare. Mr Boyde, from Chertsey in Surrey, has, the society reports, provided vital support to RSPCA investigations into allegations of animal cruelty.

Carl Boyde (left) receives the RSPCA's Lord Erskine Silver award from James Yeates, the charity's chief veterinary officer

The RSPCA describes its awards as ‘an opportunity to recognise and honour all those people and organisations that help to make the lives of animals better; through kindness, courage, determination and innovation’. Awards are given ‘for bravery, outstanding service and to recognise exceptional contributions to animal welfare’.

Dermot Murphy, interim assistant director of the RSPCA's inspectorate, said: ‘The RSPCA has a proud history of dedication to ending animal cruelty and preventing suffering. It is a history that will continue long into the future thanks to the magnificent work of our inspectors and front line staff. However, there is no doubting the enormous role played by other organisations, campaigners and tireless individuals to furthering the cause of animal welfare. The honours recognise those people from both inside and outside the RSPCA who have gone above and beyond in their contribution to protecting and helping animals. It is thanks to them that thousands of animals are able to lead happy and healthy lives today.’

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