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Effect of chronic kidney disease on the urine proteome in cats

E. Ferlizza, A. Campos, A. Neagu, A. Cuoghi, E. Bellei and others

CHRONIC kidney disease (CKD) is the most common renal disease in cats, with an estimated prevalence of 1 to 3 per cent in the general cat population and up to 50 per cent in geriatric cats. This study aimed to compare the urine proteome of healthy cats and those with CKD and to investigate potential urinary biomarkers of CKD.

Forty client-owned cats were included in the study: 23 healthy cats and 17 that had been diagnosed with CKD. Urine samples were taken and analysed using gel electrophoresis, and urine protein to creatinine ratios were determined.

A mean (sd) of 32 (6) protein bands were separated from the urine of healthy cats, while cats with CKD had significantly fewer bands on average (25 [6]). Two dimensional gel electrophoresis showed that 27 protein spots were expressed differently in healthy cats and those with CKD. Retinol-binding protein, cystatin M and apolipoprotein-H were overexpressed in the urine of cats with CKD, while uromodulin and cauxin were underexpressed. The …

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