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Animal welfare
Call for harmonised legislation on cats and dogs

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THE lack of EU-wide legislation to protect the welfare of cats and dogs used for commercial purposes could have serious consequences for animal welfare, animal health, human health, consumer protection and the functioning of the internal market.

This is one conclusion reached in a report by the EU Dog & Cat Alliance, which has examined the national legislation relating to dogs and cats involved in commercial practices in the EU. The alliance was formed in 2014 and brings together dog and cat welfare organisations from across the EU. The BVA is a member.

In its report, which was published on March 25, the alliance notes that, currently, the only EU-wide legislation covering dogs and cats in the context of commercial practices relates to transport and health requirements when animals are moved across borders. ‘National legislation can vary greatly across the EU, with strict legislation in some countries, and little at all in others,’ it says. The alliance gathered information on the regulation of identification and registration, breeding, trade and surgical mutilations from each of the EU's 28 member states. Its report summarises the situation in each member state and makes recommendations for the areas that the alliance believes EU-wide legislation should cover.

Due to limitations in the information available,the report does not assess how well the legal provisions are implemented and enforced by the …

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