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Information for farmers on new TB testing arrangements

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THE APHA has published information for farmers and livestock keepers on the changes to the management of government-funded veterinary services that are being introduced in England and Wales.

The new arrangements came into force in Wales on April 1. In England, they are scheduled to be implemented on May 1.

In a briefing note, published on its website on March 26, the APHA explains that contracts have been awarded to seven new Delivery Partners to provide TB testing and other services throughout England and Wales using a network of subcontracted veterinary practices. The contracts cover:

▪ ‘Services A’ – TB testing in cattle;

▪ ‘Services B’ – TB testing in non-bovine animals and other work, notably brucellosis testing and anthrax investigations; and

▪ ‘Services C’ – Disease outbreak response (the provision of vets to assist the APHA in a disease outbreak).

Farmers are …

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