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Palatability evaluation study of a new oral formulation of marbofloxacin in cats
  1. M. Cron1,
  2. C. Zemirline2,
  3. J. Beranger2 and
  4. V. Privat3
  1. 1Sogeval Laboratories, Pet Business Unit, BP 2227, 200 avenue de Mayenne, Laval Cedex 9 53061, France
  2. 2Sogeval Laboratories, Research and Development Department, Parc Technopole, BP 96105, Avenue Pierre de Coubertin, Laval Cedex 9 53061, France
  3. 3VetPharma conseil, 2 rue Jean Rostand, Orsay Cedex 91893, France
  1. E-mail for correspondence: mickael.cron{at}


At a time when antimicrobial resistance is a global concern in human and animal health, it is of primary importance to draw attention to the problem of compliance with antibiotic therapy in animals hard to medicate such as cats. Resistance may develop because of poor patient compliance with the prescribed course of antibiotic therapy. Increasing palatability might enhance administration compliance. We assessed the acceptability of EFEX tablets, a new oral marbofloxacin formulation for cats. The objective of this study was to compare EFEX to two commercial formulations of marbofloxacin: MARBOCYL P palatable tablets and MARBOCYL Vet tablets. Acceptance tests were run in experimental conditions in 24 cats to compare the spontaneous intake and full consumption of the three pharmaceutical products. The results indicated that EFEX was more palatable than MARBOCYL Vet (0.001<P  <0.01) and equally comparable with MARBOCYL P in palatability. There was no difference in the short-term adverse effects between the products.

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