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Consolidation of practice
  1. Andy Adler,
  2. David Black,
  3. Andrew Curwen,
  4. Nick Eames,
  5. Wendy Furness,
  6. Tim Hutchinson,
  7. Neil Laing,
  8. John Macfarlane and
  9. Bridget Taylor
  1. XLVets UK, Carlisle House, Townhead Road, Dalston, Carlisle CA5 7JF
  1. e-mail: andrew.curwen{at}

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IT has been with great interest that we have read in the veterinary press on a regular basis of the ongoing corporatisation of the veterinary industry.

It shows that the veterinary sector is ripe for consolidation, with the belief in the City that it can make money from our hard work. It can do this by borrowing from banks that expect a lower rate of return than from equity and sweating the small amount of equity left in the business. This will lead the …

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