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Launch of a voluntary camelid TB scheme
  1. Alastair Hayton,
  2. Alan King,
  3. Andy Adler and
  4. Andrew Davies
  1. Synergy Farm Health/SureFarm, West Hill Barns, Evershot, Dorset DT2 0LD
  1. e-mail: andy.adler{at}

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WE have been working with the camelid industry, the AHVLA and Defra, as well as colleagues in the British Veterinary Camelid Society, to help create a voluntary health scheme for bovine TB in alpacas. We are pleased to be able to report that working in collaboration with SureTest and Enfer Scientific, we can now bring a test and statistical analysis system for bovine TB to the UK. This will be available to all camelids initially.

The Enferplex test we are using has been validated in alpacas (Rhodes and others 2012). It is a serological assay that identifies the presence of antibodies to Mycobacterium bovis by use of seven different bovine TB antigens, which are placed separately as individual spots on the surface of the test well. If antibodies to bovine TB are present in the blood sample, they will bind to the relevant antigen and the resultant reaction produces a luminescent reaction, the light from which can be measured and quantified as a number.

Thresholds are set for each individual antigen and if the level of light is above this threshold, a positive reaction is deemed to have occurred. A positive reaction, which indicates that the animal is …

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