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IN tribute to Robert Peter Ambrose (VR, May 31, 2014, vol 174, p 560), John Ambrose, Rob Davies and Charles Bagnall write: Robert Ambrose died on May 14, 2014, following a road traffic accident the day before. He qualified from the Royal Veterinary College in July 2012. Robert, Rob or Robbie A was always destined to be a vet; at the age of five he announced that he wanted chickens for his birthday, and he spent much time in his younger years watching the cows at Easton Farm Park.

Robert had good times growing up in Holbrook, and it was never far to walk to primary or high school where he had many friends. His father (JA) is not sure about one of his teacher's comments that he was a ‘dream student’, but they did all play a part in ensuring he would go into his chosen career.

When Robert announced his chosen career, his parents ferried him about most weekends to help him gain experience, soon becoming familiar with trips to the RSPCA, the local stables and vets. It all paid off as he was offered a place at the RVC – fortunately they never checked out the golf handicap …

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