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BSAVA Manual of Feline Practice: A Foundation Manual
Common cat problems
  1. Kate Chitty

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Edited by Andrea Harvey and Séverine Tasker
496 pages, paperback, £85.
BSAVA. 2013
ISBN 978 1 905319 39 8

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WHILE there are many excellent feline texts on the market, many of us (of a certain age) miss the book ‘Feline Medicine and Therapeutics’, which was a concise basic text that could be dipped into quickly when needed. It is therefore good to see that the BSAVA has attempted to turn back the clock and give us back such a text. Has it succeeded?

As with much in life, its strengths are also its weaknesses – although it is fair to say at the outset that this book does largely fit the bill. It is beautifully and lavishly illustrated. This …

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