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Women as leaders and entrepreneurs

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I WAS so pleased to read that the BVA's hot topic debate at its congress this year is to consider women as leaders and entrepreneurs (VR, November 1, 2014, vol 165, p 412). This is a topic close to my heart as a passionate feminist and vet, and something that I have recently spent a significant proportion of my time considering while I think about the future of my veterinary career.

As a female assistant in her early 30s, unfortunately, as things stand, I can't see a significant change on the horizon for the number of female vets in leadership positions. I believe we urgently need to address this situation to prevent losing the influence that these amazing vets could have in shaping our profession's future. Anecdotally, my male friends from vet school have progressed or are progressing to more senior positions in greater numbers than my female friends, some of whom are already no longer working as vets. This is despite there having been a significantly smaller number of men in my year at university than women.

I consider there to be a number of different factors contributing to this issue. While I believe that learning about leadership is an important facet, we must be careful not to attack female vets …

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