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Canine health
Canine distemper imported into the UK
  1. David Walker,
  2. Pip M. Beard,
  3. Colin P. Sharp and
  4. Adrian W. Philbey
  1. Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies and the Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh, Easter Bush, Edinburgh EH25 9RG
  1. e-mail: adrian.philbey{at}

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CANINE distemper is a contagious disease that infects a wide range of carnivores (Deem and others 2000), but it is now rare in dogs in the UK due to widespread uptake of vaccines. Considerable concern has been expressed about the disease risks of importing dogs into the UK. Two cases of canine distemper in puppies after rehoming were reported recently by Adamantos and Warman (2014) in the south west of the UK, but the source of infection was not determined. Here, we report canine distemper in a puppy from a litter born to a crossbred, gravid bitch imported into the UK …

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