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Behavior. A Guide for Practitioners
Dog and cat behaviour
  1. Kevin J. McPeake

Statistics from

Gary M. Landsberg and Valarie V. Tynes
Vol 44, May 2013, pp 379-644, hardback, £50.39.
Elsevier. 2014.
ISBN 978 0 32329 729 5

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THIS special issue of Veterinary Clinics of North America: Small Animal Practice is a collection of articles that draw on expertise from a diverse group of 27 authors from all over the world to give an up-to-date guide to canine and feline behaviour for practitioners.

The first article looks at the importance of integrating veterinary behaviour into general practice, including the potential financial benefits. This gives justification and impetus to practices to develop and improve the behavioural service they offer. The …

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