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Ebola and dogs: WSAVA calls for testing not automatic euthanasia

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THE World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) is calling for dogs that are exposed to the Ebola virus in countries that are not endemic for the disease to be tested and quarantined rather than be automatically euthanased. The call follows the euthanasia of the pet dog belonging to a Spanish health worker who was infected by the virus after caring for a missionary who died from Ebola.

The WSAVA reports that the dog was euthanased against the health worker's wishes on October 8 on the orders of the Spanish government. The Madrid regional government obtained a court order to euthanase the dog, claiming that ‘available scientific information’ could not rule out ‘a risk of contagion’. The WSAVA says that quarantine was not considered as an alternative. People who have come into contact with the health worker have been placed in quarantine.

‘While it is possible that dogs may harbour the virus, particularly in …

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