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Bovine TB
Defra launches scheme for badger vaccination in the edge area

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PRIVATELY led projects to vaccinate badgers within the ‘edge’ area of England are being encouraged to take advantage of a newly launched government scheme that aims to help create a barrier between the high-risk parts of the country where bovine TB is endemic and the low-risk areas that are currently disease free.

The Badger Edge Vaccination Scheme (BEVS), which was launched on September 2, forms part of the Government's wider strategy to eradicate bovine TB from England and achieve bovine TB-free status by 2038 (VR, April 12, 2014, vol 174, p 367). The support package includes a funding award of up to 50 per cent towards the long-term costs of vaccinating badgers, advice from experts in vaccinating badgers in the field, free loans of equipment such as traps, and free vaccine supplies. ‘The purpose of BEVS is to support the creation of a protected badger population in uninfected areas,’ says Defra. …

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