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Tests for diagnosis of TB in camelids
  1. Javier Bezos Garrido
  1. Maeva Servet SL, C/ de la Fragua 3, Alameda del Valle, Madrid 28749, Spain
  1. e-mail: jbezosga{at}

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J. Bezos comments: The sensitivity and specificity of tuberculosis diagnostic tests have been evaluated in several previous studies, reporting a variety of results. In general, the sensitivity reported on the intradermal test in New World camelids (NWC) ranged between 75 per cent and 100 per cent, while specificity was 100 per cent, although the methodology regarding inoculation site and reading times differed between studies because there is a lack of standardisation. Moreover, the number of animals used in most of the studies was very low and, therefore, the confidence intervals, as your correspondent mentions, were wide (Álvarez and others …

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