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RCVS royal charter
RCVS draft charter ‘too broad’, says BVA

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PROPOSALS for a new Royal Charter for the RCVS need further consideration, the BVA believes. The Association has recently submitted its response to the RCVS's consultation on a draft new charter and, while it has welcomed proposals to regulate veterinary nurses, it says that the draft charter is too broad.

In its response, the BVA welcomes the opportunity that a new charter would provide to clearly define the roles and responsibilities of the RCVS. It says that it is broadly supportive of the proposed objects of the College, which are ‘to set, uphold and advance veterinary standards, and to promote, encourage and advance the study and practice of the art and science of veterinary surgery and medicine, in the interests of the health and welfare of animals and in the wider public interest’. However, it says it is concerned that the health and welfare of animals have …

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