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Bovine TB
Defra seeks views on proposals for statutory TB testing of camelids

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DEFRA is seeking views on proposals to consolidate the legislation relating to bovine TB in deer and to introduce a number of statutory measures relating to the disease in camelids in England.

In a consultation document issued on April 9, Defra says that its proposals aim to: reduce administrative burdens for deer farmers, vets and other stakeholders; increase certainty about the basis on which compensatory payments are made to camelid keepers for the removal of their TB-affected animals while providing better safeguards for the public; introduce administrative changes allowing the deployment of better mandatory tests; and improve clarity about roles and responsibilities.

The consultation document sets out Defra's plans to consolidate the provisions of three Great Britain-wide Tuberculosis (Deer) Orders into a single piece of legislation for England. It explains that, currently, deer keepers and their veterinary surgeons have to consult the three separate Orders to understand what they need to do when TB affects …

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