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Tendering for OV services: AHVLA gives more details

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THE AHVLA has provided more details of how England and Wales will be divided into regional ‘lots’ under its plans to procure the services of Official Veterinarians (OV) through a tendering process.

In an update on progress with the introduction of the new arrangements for OV work that was posted on its website on December 20, the AHVLA said that initial thinking was that there would be seven regional lots, with a delivery partner appointed in each. The proposed seven lots are:

▪ Lot 1: Wales, north;

▪ Lot 2: Wales, south;

▪ Lot 3: South West 1 (Devon and Cornwall);

▪ Lot 4: South West 2 (the remainder of south-west England);

▪ Lot 5: South East England;

▪ Lot 6: Midlands;

▪ Lot 7: North of England.

An estimate of the volume and value of the work available in each area has been published on the AHVLA's ‘Bravo’ system and is accessible via The agency said that it was publishing the details in order to give potential suppliers a better understanding of the size and likely volumes of work involved. It noted that there would be constraints on the number of contracts that any delivery partner business could hold, to safeguard against the disease impact of a supplier failing. However, it was not yet able to say exactly how this would be specified.

The AHVLA said that the invitation to tender for …

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