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Overview of equine infectious diseases
Infectious Diseases of the Horse: Diagnosis, Pathology, Management and Public Health
  1. Robert M. Christley

Statistics from

J. H. van der Kolk and E. J. B. Veldhuis Kroeze
352 pages, hardback, £95.
Manson Publishing. 2013
ISBN 978 1 84076 165 8

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THIS relatively slim volume provides a useful overview of the infectious diseases of horses. The book is divided into six chapters covering bacterial, viral, protozoal, fungal, ectoparasitical and helminthic diseases. Each chapter consists of multiple subsections, describing infection due to a specific pathogen. These sections vary in length from one page to about four pages and are often well illustrated with colour photographs, and these photographs are a real strength of the book. The text provided on each pathogen is divided into a …

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