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Herd health
Pathogen profiles in clinical mastitis cases
  1. Trevor O. Jones
  1. Eaton Lodge, 10 Station Road, East Leake, Loughborough, Leicestershire LE12 6LQ
  1. E-mail: farmlab{at}

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KEANE and others (2013a) recently reported that no bacteria were isolated from 42 per cent of clinical mastitis milk samples in their survey of 30 premier herds in Ireland. A small proportion of isolates could even be part of the biomere (‘normal bacterial flora’) of milk and not the cause of the mastitis.

Herds in the 1980-82 British Mastitis Surveillance Scheme did not yield bacterial pathogens from around 17 per cent of cases annually over its three years (Wilesmith and others 1986). Bradley and …

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