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A whirlwind start

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IT'S been a whistlestop tour learning about all of the presidential duties that will come up throughout the year, from standing committee meetings to meeting government ministers, from divisional congresses and joint officers' meetings to delivering keynote speeches.

Just over a month ago I was standing at the lectern in Cardiff City Hall delivering my inaugural speech as BVA President and looking into the audience at my family, friends and colleagues. I was surprised at what an emotional day it was and I was absolutely delighted at the great turnout we had from members, given that it was the first BVA Members' Day and a bit of an unknown quantity.

Spending a year learning the ropes as president-elect is essential because you really do have to hit the ground running and make it look like you know what you're talking about, even if you don't (something I learned at the Young Farmers' Club many moons ago).

BVA President Robin Hargreaves with his mother, Betty, his wife Lorna, and daughter, Jordan, after the AGM in Cardiff

I'm already experiencing one of the highlights of being BVA President, which is that you do get to see the very …

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