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Recognising contributions to the  welfare of cats

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A NEW award to recognise outstanding contributions to the welfare of cats has been introduced by International Cat Care (ICC), formerly the Feline Advisory Bureau. The first of these awards were presented to David Yates and Melvyn Driver at a reception in London on September 6, for their contributions to the management of unowned cats.

Introducing the awards, ICC's chief executive, Claire Bessant, highlighted the challenges of working in cat welfare with unowned cats. There were many difficulties in dealing with large numbers of animals, she pointed out, especially handling them safely without harm to people, while minimising stress to the cats.

She said Mr Yates was probably best known for his anaesthesia and early neutering work; as hospital director of the RSPCA's Greater Manchester Animal Hospital, he had made huge contributions to feral cat neutering programmes locally. Additionally, the data he had collected …

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