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Dog welfare
Characteristics of electronic training collars for dogs
  1. Mathias Riepl
  1. ECMA, Rue Frédéric Pelletier, 82 B-1030, Brussels, Belgium
  1. e-mail: info{at}

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THE Electronic Collar Manufacturers Association (ECMA) is a voluntary trade organisation whose members are committed to improving the quality of lives of pets while protecting animal welfare.

The ECMA welcomes the study published in Veterinary Record by Lines and others (2013) on ‘The characteristics of electronic training collars for dogs’, and understands why the authors avoided contact to protect the integrity of their work. It appears that the study commenced in 2007, so a consequence is that the authors may be unaware of studies, initiatives and revisions undertaken by the ECMA in the last six years.

The ECMA has made substantial changes to its charter; the technical requirements for members' products are now on Revision 6.0 (not 4.0 as quoted in the study); we have introduced a code of practice; a consumer-friendly indication of electrical stimulation strength on product packaging; and we have commissioned numerous independent studies to contribute to …

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