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Horse Passports
BVA calls for a single national equine database

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HEADLINES about horsemeat in ‘beef’ products had undermined confidence in the food chain, the BVA President, Peter Harlech Jones, told MPs, policymakers and others attending the BVA's annual dinner in London this week. They had also called into question the veracity of the horse passport system which, he said, ‘is clearly not fit for purpose’.

‘We need to look ahead now and agree what we need from the passport system and how we can achieve that for both human and animal health,’ the BVA President said, and he renewed a call made by the Association in 2009 for all horses to microchipped (not just foals) and for a single national equine database. ‘These measures may not come cheap,’ he said, ‘but what price can we honestly put on regaining confidence in the food chain?’

The Equine Sector Council for Health and Welfare reported last week that it had had a very productive meeting with Defra …

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