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D. A. D. Brydon

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ON December 18, 2012, David Arthur Dempster Brydon, BVM&S, MRCVS, of Thirley Beck Farm, Harwood Dale Road, Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Mr Brydon qualified from Edinburgh in 1941.

Stuart Watson writes: David Brydon was the only child of a mining engineer and his wife. His early life was spent moving around the country as his father was occupied sinking coal mines.

As a young man, he was animal-mad, with a particular affection for horses. His family finally settled in Harrogate, where, at the age of only 11, David went hunting for the first time. For someone with these interests, becoming a veterinary surgeon appeared to be a good career choice.

In 1936, aged 19, David entered the Royal Dick Veterinary College in Edinburgh, at a time when all you needed was reasonable intelligence and a respect for animals. He qualified in 1941, by which time the Second World War had started.

As a reservist, David could have entered country practice. He, however, chose to volunteer for the Royal Army Veterinary Corps. After a period of a few months’ initiation on Doncaster Racecourse, he was shipped off to India as a Brigade Veterinary Officer. Once there, he was placed in charge of hundreds of mules that were required as pack animals in the jungle war against Japan.

In 1943, to disrupt the Japanese's rapid …

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