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Evaluating urine dipsticks used in human medicine for use in dogs, cats and cattle

M. Defontis, N. Bauer, K. Failing, A. Moritz

Urinary dipsticks are routinely employed in veterinary medicine because they are easy to use and can provide important information about a patient's health. In this study, two dipsticks developed for human use were evaluated for routine urinalysis and for the detection of proteinuria in dogs, cats and cattle. The accuracy of automated reading versus visual methods of reading was compared.

Two types of urine dipstick, Aution Sticks 10PA and 10EA, were evaluated; the 10PA dipstick is used for proteinuria detection in humans and the 10EA dipstick has been developed for standard semiquantitative urinalysis. Urine samples from dogs (n = 101), cats (n = 50) and cattle (n = 100) were analysed with the dipsticks and readings taken automatically using a reflectometer and visually by two blinded, experienced observers. All samples were also evaluated with the appropriate reference methods.

The correlation between the reference methods and automated readings was considered good to excellent for the estimation of creatinine and pH. The correlation between the automated and visual readings was good to excellent, with the exception of leucocytes. The authors also report a high number …

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