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Private practice, public good

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IN November last year the Animal Health and Welfare Board for England (AHWBE) issued a ‘call for views’ on new ways of working to tackle bovine TB. It might equally have been described as a call to arms because, as the board pointed out at the time, ‘we are not winning the war on bovine TB’; the disease situation was getting worse and, with the annual costs to Defra expected to rise to more than £120 million by 2015, the position was unsustainable and new approaches would have to be found (VR, September 15, 2012, vol 171, pp 256, 258). Whatever the best way to describe it, the AHWBE's consultation exercise attracted a wide variety of ideas – such a variety, in fact, that one wonders how the board will make sense of them all. Nevertheless, as the body charged with determining strategic policy for animal health and welfare in England, the AHWBE says it will continue to reflect on …

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