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A. M. E. Carmichael

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IN tribute to Angus Macdonald Ewing Carmichael, BVMS, MRCVS (VR, March 30, 2013, vol 172, p 344), Richard Penny writes: Angus Carmichael was born on June 12, 1925 in what was then Northern Rhodesia. In 1926 his father became seriously ill, from what was diagnosed as complications of malaria contracted during service in the First World War, and his mother decided that the family should return to the UK. The journey home was a stressful one: a six-day trek through the jungle, four days by train to Cape Town and six weeks by sea to London. His father died when Angus was a year old and, as an only child, he was brought up in Scotland by his mother. He was schooled at Rutherglen Academy where he excelled at games, particularly football.

In 1941, the school doctor suspected Angus had a heart problem and advised early nights and no severe exercise. This curtailed his sporting activities somewhat. However, he enrolled in the then Glasgow Veterinary College in 1942, and, in 1943, resumed playing football for the college and also for Queen's Park, then in the Scottish First Division. During the Second World War, he was first a cycle messenger for Civil Defence, then a motorcycle messenger, and finally he acted as a paid fire watcher. His many football and other activities resulted …

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