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Special recognition award

The British Veterinary Nursing Association has announced that it will be presenting a ‘special recognition award’ to the veterinary nursing team at Edinburgh's Telford College at this year's BVNA congress in October. The award recognises the campaign by staff at the college to safeguard its veterinary nursing course, which faced closure as the result of financial cutbacks. The course has now been retained and, the BVNA says, Telford College recently announced that it received approximately 400 applications for 24 places on this year's course.

Charity partnership

Virbac Animal Health has announced that it has signed up as a partner to Wildlife Vets International, a Yorkshire-based charity that provides veterinary support and skills to conservation workers on field projects to save rare and endangered animals. As well as becoming a partner to WVI for the next three years, Virbac has been providing supplies of its Zoletil anaesthetic to the charity since it was formed in 2004. David Ellerton, managing director of Virbac, said the company was delighted to support WVI in its efforts to secure the future of endangered species.

Managing heart failure

Ceva Animal Health has updated its Cardio Academy website,, to include a new module providing practical guidance on the management of heart failure. The module is hosted by cardiologist Jordi Lopez-Alvarez and a CPD certificate is available for those who complete it and answer questions relating to it.

Care and treatment of ferrets

A webinar on the care and treatment of ferrets is to be hosted by the Webinar Vet on September 12. Presented by John Chitty, the webinar will cover basic issues of ferret keeping and medicine for the general veterinary practitioner, including diet, handling, transport, hospitalisation, basic therapeutics and basic imaging techniques. The diagnosis and management of common diseases will also be discussed, including tumours, infectious disease and its control, cardiac disease, renal disease and urinary calculi and chronic diarrhoea. Full details are available at

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