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Veterinary Medicines
Action on antimicrobial resistance highlighted in VMD's annual review

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AN annual review describing some of the achievements of the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) in 2011/12 has recently been published online. The review complements the VMD's full annual report, which gives more information about the agency's overall performance.

Writing in a foreword to the annual review, the VMD's chief executive, Peter Borriello, says that the agency is mindful of the importance of veterinary medicines to the livestock and fish-farming industries and continues to seek opportunities to reduce regulatory burdens and detect improper and illegal medicines' sales and use, and associated unfair competition to the industry, while also seeking efficiencies to keep the costs to industry to a minimum.

The annual review notes that the VMD took on responsibility for antimicrobial policy and resistance at the beginning of the 2011/12 financial year. Following a proposal from the VMD, the Heads of Medicines Agencies in Europe have set up a Veterinary Task Force on Antimicrobial Issues, which the VMD chairs. The annual review says that the task force has developed and is implementing an action plan on antimicrobial issues, and has published an overview …

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