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Intra and postoperative assessment of re-sterilised Ligasure Atlas for orchidectomies in horses: clinical study
  1. L.A. Gracia-Calvo,
  2. M. Martín-Cuervo, DVM,
  3. J. Jiménez, DVM, PhD,
  4. V. Vieítez, DVM, PhD,
  5. M. E. Durán, DVM, PhD,
  6. D. Argüelles, DVM, MS, ECVS Dip and
  7. L. J. Ezquerra, DVM, PhD, ECVS Dip
  1. Veterinary Teaching Hospital, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Extremadura. Avenida Universidad s/n 10004 Cáceres, Spain
  1. E-mail for correspondence luisal8a{at}

Horses (n=35) underwent orchidectomy in a single institution with a re-sterilised LSA as sole means of haemostasis. During the surgery, the gross quality of the seal, the stickiness of the forceps to the tissues, bleeding/oozing from the stump and the need for a subsequent application in already severed spermatic cord were assessed for haemostasis quality. After surgery, physical parameters (appearance of the mucous membranes, quality of the peripheral pulse, heart rate, respiratory rate, rectal temperature and blood dripping from the incisions), haematology or packed cell volume and total protein were monitored to assess signs of bleeding or any other condition. For cleanliness and asepsis assessment, signs of surgical infection were recorded.

Complications during surgery were mild degree of sticking of the LSA forceps to the tissues and dulling of the blade. There was no need to reapply LSA a second time except in one horse. This means a haemostasis complication rate of 2.85 per cent of the horses. No postoperative bleeding was detected. Only two horses with fever had associated signs of surgical site infection. This means an infection rate of 5.71 per cent of the horses.

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