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Making the most of urinalysis
  1. Rosanne E. Jepson

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Practical Veterinary Urinalysis Carolyn A. Sink, and Nicole M. Weinstein 180 pages, spiral-bound paperback, £37.50. Wiley-Blackwell. 2012. ISBN 978 0 470 95824 7

EVALUATION of urine is an often neglected diagnostic test in veterinary medicine. This should no longer be the case with a copy of ‘Practical Veterinary Urinalysis’ on your bookshelf, or perhaps, more appropriately, next to your microscope, dipsticks and refractometer in the lab. The preface of this text outlines that the main goals of the book are to provide ‘a comprehensive study of all aspects of routine urinalysis, including chemical analysis and microscopy’ and ‘a concise, systematic overview of renal physiology and urine production’.

Renal physiology is …

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