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Weapon dogs
  1. Carri Westgarth

Statistics from

Unleashed: The Phenomena of Status Dogs and Weapon Dogs
Simon Harding.
208 pages, hardback, £20 (from
Policy Press. 2012.
ISBN 978 1 44730 027 4

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IT would be impossible for anyone working within a dog-related industry or exposed to the media in the UK not to have noticed the apparent rise of so-called ‘status’ dogs. This book describes research into what the problem is, how it happened, and what might be done about it. I admit I was very excited to get my hands on a copy of this book.

Importantly, the book acknowledges the nature of this topic as not just a factual dog-thing, but a social phenomenon, surrounded by myth, media and emotional controversy. It refreshingly debunks much of the misinformation surrounding the pitbull terrier, such as locking jaws and unpredictable behaviour, describing …

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