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  1. J. R. Williamson

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IN tribute to James Raymond Williamson (VR, November 3, 2012, vol 171, p 452) E. L. Bryson, B. J. Hallows and W. J. Tute write: Ray Williamson was a one off. After leaving Fleetwood Grammar School at 17, keen to work on the family farm, his grandmother set him up with 200 point-of-lay pullets and an old poultry shed. Ray built this up to a successful egg business but had greater ambitions. He went back to study, enrolling for a part-time course in general agriculture at Myerscough College, not far from home. There he was awarded in 1973 the George Loftus Memorial Trophy for best part-time student in animal husbandry (probably the qualification he was most proud of). Continuing his studies there, he …

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