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RCVS Disciplinary Committee
Vet reprimanded for failing to maintain proper professional boundaries

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A VETERINARY surgeon who was found to have failed to maintain a proper boundary between her professional and personal relationships with a client has received a severe reprimand from the RCVS Disciplinary Committee.

Marie-Louise Schlemm was also warned as to her future conduct following a seven-day disciplinary hearing, which concluded on November 27.

Ms Schlemm faced eight charges relating to her treatment of a 16-year-old Jack Russell with chronic renal failure and her relationship with the dog's owner, referred to during the hearing as Ms B, who suffers from mental illness. At the time of the case in May 2010, Ms Schlemm was employed by Coastway Veterinary Group in Brighton to work for its out-of-hours service, Vetcall. The dog, Ratszy, had been referred to the service by the PDSA.

At the hearing, the RCVS alleged that …

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