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Perilimbal pocket technique for surgical repositioning of prolapsed nictitans gland in dogs
  1. J. E. Prémont, BSc BVMS, MANZCVSc, MVSc1,
  2. S. Monclin, DVM, MS, Dipl.ECVO1,
  3. F. Farnir, DVM2 and
  4. M. Grauwels, DVM, MSc, Dipl ECVO3
  1. 1Department of Clinical Sciences, Ophthalmology
  2. 2Department of Clinical Sciences,
    Animal Production, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Liège, 20 Boulevard de Colonster B44, Liège 4000, Belgium
  3. 3Animal Clinic, Avenue Brugmann 425, Brussels (Uccle) 1180, Belgium
  1. E-mail for correspondence jpremont27{at}

The objective of this prospective study was to investigate the success rate, practicality and complications of a new perilimbal pocket technique for the replacement of prolapsed nictitans gland in 30 dogs (44 eyes). A first incision was made in the bulbar conjunctiva, 2–3 mm from and parallel to the infero-nasal limbus, a second incision on the bulbar aspect of the nictitating membrane (NM), 2–3 mm parallel to the free edge. The gland was returned to its normal position by suturing the subconjunctival tissues of the NM to the episcleral tissues, using four to six interrupted horizontal mattress sutures. The English bulldog, Neapolitan mastiff, great dane and American cocker spaniel were commonly presented. Nictitans gland prolapse occurred prior to one year of age in 83.3 per cent of dogs, and unilaterally in 15 patients. The procedure was easy to perform, and had a 90.9 per cent success rate, with minimal complications. The median duration of follow-up, conducted by ophthalmic examination or telephone contact with the owners, was 21.5 months. Tear production and ocular health were not affected in 17 eyes with at least six months follow-up. There was a statistically significant increase between preoperative and postoperative Schirmer tear test-1 measurements.

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