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Honours and awards

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RCVS Day included the presentation of the College's honours and awards, as follows.

Honorary associates

Honorary associateship of the RCVS may be conferred on non-members of the College in recognition of their special contribution to the veterinary sphere. This year, honorary associateship was conferred in absentia on Douglas McGregor.

Dr D. McGregor

Douglas McGregor, the President told the meeting, was a Canadian-born academic and medical clinician who had worked closely with veterinary professionals and students for most of his long and distinguished career. As a medical clinician, he had provided a valued and inspired perspective for the veterinary profession. For almost 30 years, Dr McGregor had been a world leader in immunological research and he was currently Emeritus Professor of Immunology at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University. However, he was best known for devising and directing the Cornell Veterinary Leadership and Research Programme, an intensive 10-week research-orientated summer school that aims to inspire veterinary students by giving them a global outlook, ambitious aspirations and a culture of excellence. Over 500 students from more than 60 veterinary colleges around the world, including the UK, had participated in the scheme since it began in 1990. Many British veterinary students had benefitted from the programme and were ‘making their mark’ as a result.

‘The extent to which Douglas was personally and actively involved in the inception and running of the scheme is testament to his enthusiasm for science and translational medicine,’ said the President. ‘His contribution to the veterinary profession is unique and considerable, and in the spirit of one medicine, how timely that he should be a medic.’

Honorary fellows

The election of honorary fellows was, the President told the meeting, ‘our opportunity to recognise members of the College who have far exceeded expectation in their contribution to the profession, through special eminence and …

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